ECO PHYSICS offers a unique range of nCLD nitric oxide analyzers for the automotive and related industries, supporting the AK protocol. Whether for hot, moist, raw exhaust gas, or bag measurement, you will find exactly the right instrument for your NO, NO2, NOx and NH3 application.

Range of products
 Analyzer  Components  Range  Application


 Economical line    Overview

 nCLD 62  NO / NO2  / NOx
 single channel
 5'000 ppm  Stack emissions 
 Boiler and burner


 Modular line    Overview

 nCLD 822 M r  NO / NO2 / NOx
 dual channel
 5'000 ppm  Exhaust analyzer for
 series testing 

 nCLD 844 M  NO / NO2 / NOx
 dual channel
 500 ppm  Refining of lubricants
 Development of turbines

 Supreme line    Overview

 nCLD 811  NO / NO2 / NOx
 dual channel
 10'000 ppm   Raw exhaust analyzer for 
 all types of vehicles

 nCLD 811 CM  NO / NO2 / NOx
 NOx / NH3 / NOxAmines
 dual channel
 10'000 ppm  Combustion studies
 DeNOx / SCR research